Course and dosage Testosterone Mix U.S.P.

Course and dosage Testosterone Mix U.S.P.

The drug is available in the form of an oil solution and requires parenteral administration (intramuscular injection). It is allowed to perform kneading in one syringe, but the oil cannot be mixed with a suspension, for example, with stanozolol injections, such as Winstrol and Strombajekt Testosterone.

Working doses of Testosterone Mix U.S.P. are selected individually, otherwise they may be excessive or insufficient, which is unacceptable for the athlete. On average, they recommend 250-750 mg (1-3 ml) of the drug per week. But they should not be put immediately, but dividing them into several injections on different days, say, 250 mg on Wednesday and 250 mg on Saturday.

Testosterone Mix U.S.P. 250 is effective for gaining mass and increasing strength, but is contraindicated in women in sports. Due to the high androgenic activity of testosterone, the manifestation of masculinization is highly likely. Masculinization or virilization (also viril syndrome) is accompanied by symptoms ranging from a coarsening of the voice to an enlarged clitoris.

Consider examples of combined courses Testosterone Mix U.S.P. from ZPHC, because they are the main way of using the drug for sports purposes.

1st combination = Testosterone Mix U.S.P. methandienone preparation (preferred brand name). The course is designed for athletes of intermediate level of experience and is designed to quickly gain mass and increase strength accordingly. The dosage of testosterone, as a rule, does not exceed 750 mg per week, methandienone - 50 mg per day. Post-cycle therapy - tamoxifen (20-30 mg daily) or clomiphene (50-100 mg daily).

2nd combination = Testosterone Mix U.S.P. Boldenone Undecylenate (preferred brand) Oral Turinabol (preferred brand). It is also an excellent course for fast mass gain and increase in strength, which is suitable for intermediate athletes. Boldenone is put in the amount of 400-800 mg per week, yelling turinabol is taken at 40-60 mg per day. Post cycle therapy is also tamoxifen or clomiphene (on a daily basis).

The duration of the courses is within 6-12 weeks, and then the effect begins to shift towards side effects, which is fraught with consequences for the user.