What to do to avoid getting into a rigged match

What to do to avoid getting into a rigged match

How they are organized

The principle of organizing a contractual match directly depends on the objectives that the parties pursue. If there is only a financial side, only one team may know about the predetermined outcome of the match. Third parties "deposit" money to it, and it, in turn, "sinks" the match and receives a portion of the winnings.

There is also the variant of private collusion, when one of the participating teams or a third party pays players to make a mistake at a crucial moment. In this situation the exact result is not guaranteed, as well as in the case of bribing the referees. However, these moments are usually considered to be rigged.

Is it possible to earn on match-fixing?

Perhaps every bettor Рari Мatch interested in constant earnings wants to know the exact score on soccer match-fixing, in order to make a bet and guaranteed to multiply it. For this purpose, he is looking for trusted informants who often turn out to be cheaters, so it is important to distinguish between predictions on sports and match-fixing.

Real match-fixing games

Recall that only a court can confirm the match-fixing nature of the meeting. And history knows many such examples. A recent example is the conspiracy of participants in a soccer match between Chaika and Angusht, which ended 5-0 in favor of the home team who were competing for promotion.

The most striking example is the scandal in Italian soccer. In 2006, it was found that the general manager of Juventus had negotiated with other soccer functionaries to "buy" matches and bribe referees. The history of soccer and other sports knows many such examples, but it is far from always the case that match-fixing on the outcome is proven.


Knowing that there is a lot of money circulating among bookmakers and match-fixing exists in parallel, some people build their business on it. Someone is trying to make money by selling this information, and someone wants to buy a rigged match to bet on it.

They may give away match-fixing matches for free or ask for money for them, but in any case, their information is a fiction that is thrown to the masses in order to attract customers for a particular bookmaker or simply to generate income for the sale of the information.

Where to buy information

If there are match-fixing matches, then there are proven informants? Alas, this judgment is wrong. The parties involved in the conspiracy are aware of the criminal liability, and therefore are interested in the fact that the information did not go out in any way.

Of course, you can find a lot of social networking groups or messenger channels on the Internet, where you will be assured of the availability of information on collusion. But most likely, it will turn out to be trivial predictions, and the given outcomes are the author's guess. If you have a different opinion, you can use any convenient search engine and enter the query "match-fixing verified information", but remember that in this case you act at your own risk.